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                The Foundation of Heli-Dunn

With over 40 years as a commercial helicopter pilot, Scott Dunn has experienced all aspects of helicopter operations and has emerged as an industry leader in helicopter providers. Spending most of his career all over the west flying in the logging industry, Scott developed many skills as a precision long line pilot and is uniquely experienced in working in extreme mountainous terrain and conditions. Fire suppression, aerial ignition, heavy lifts, search and rescue, logistical support, geospatial, oil exploration and mining and gas related missions are just a few situations that yielded a very solid experience base moving forward through his career. In  2004, Scott Dunn formed Heli-Dunn based out of the Rogue Valley International Airport in Medford, Oregon. His experience, training and drive have led the company to continue to transform into a highly capable, highly motivated and innovative team. For several years, Scott Dunn and the Heli-Dunn team developed 2 industry changing machines used for vegetation management. The proven technology of the “Heli-Saw” and the “Heli-Feller” have significantly led to safer working practices for tree climbers. Scott and the team are very proud of these achievements and currently offer this vegetation management service to several industries internationally.


A Family Owned, Growing Company

Heli-Dunn is a full service helicopter provider based in Medford, Oregon. We offer our signature aviation service to several different industries and agencies worldwide. We specialize in all aspects of vegetation and fire management, utilities infrastructure reliability, construction, back country logistics and precision long line services among other great skills and talents exclusive to our company.

Our Team

Our personnel that make up the uniquely skilled workforce at Heli-Dunn are all very experienced and diverse individuals. Their respective talents and skill sets have been developed over decades in several different industries and demanding situations. Operating in high risk organizations with many different aircraft, changing missions and situations, our personnel can perform, adapt and deliver . Pre-loaded with some of the best training these industries can offer, our field experience makes the Heli-Dunn team an integral part of your implementation plan for any project.

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