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Heli-Dunn Services


The Heli-Feller is an industry changing tool developed and exclusively operated by Heli-Dunn. Aerially applied by one of our  “ASTAR” AS-350 Helicopters, The Heli-Feller can precisely remove trees near power lines or infrastructure in difficult or inaccessible terrain. Starting from the top of the tree working down, the Heli-Feller grapples and cuts a section of the tree with precision and positive control of the pilot. The pilot can then maneuver the section away from power lines and release the section of the tree to a desirable location, mitigating the hazard to the power line or infrastructure.


The Heli-Saw is an aerially applied saw used to side trim vegetation along power line right of ways or travel corridors. Ideal for both accessible and non-accessible terrain, a Heli-Saw operation can complete several miles of side trimming per day. Vegetation that threatens reliability to infrastructure can be quickly and proficiently mitigated leading to significant reduction in project implementation time and cost savings. The Heli-Saw was developed with the harsh demands of equipment in mind when operating within the unforgiving conditions of our western forests. Hearty, large diameter trees line our utility right of ways and travel corridors that weave through steep and difficult terrain. The combination of the performance capability of the Astar 350 Helicopter and our Heli-Saw offers the safest and most productive ,cost effective option for side trimming available to several industries worldwide.


Vertical Grapple

The Heli-Dunn Vertical Grapple is a versatile tool used in Logging, Storm Response, Right of Way Cleanup, and Vegetation Removal. This tool has been used by major utility companies in environmentally sensitive areas where vehicle travel was not permitted or possible. The Vertical Grapple is an ideal tool when working near hard to reach infrastructure and right of ways. Heli-Dunn will work closely with the prime contractor to ensure efficient bucking and measurement of weight of vegetation to efficiently utilize the capacity of the helicopter in a safe manor.

Utility / Construction

Heli-Dunn has experience in all aspects of Construction Lift and Powerline Maintenance such as:

  • Patrol

  • HEC

  • Pole Sets

  • Wire-Pull

  • HVAC Lifts

  • Cell Tower Lifts

pole set.jpg


Heli-Dunn is contracted by numerous agencies to assist in firefighting emergencies as well as manage and conserve federal land and natural resources.

Consulting Services

Heli-Dunn has been consulted on many different projects where a helicopter was not the customers primary option for project implementation due to misconceptions and misunderstandings about the capabilities of helicopters. With several customers, Heli-Dunn has come up with a sound operational plan addressing technical issues, safety, logistics, project budget and cost concerns for a proposed project. Heli-Dunn delivered a project proposal that was not anticipated by our customer, however, was accepted and implemented due to our plan being a superior option on many different levels.

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