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Designed and Patented by T. Scott Dunn Inc.

First and most successful aerial felling devices to offer true positive control.   


Our Heli-Feller is an industry changing tool developed and exclusively operated by Heli-Dunn. Aerially applied by one of our  “ASTAR” AS-350 Helicopters, The Heli-Feller can precisely remove trees near power lines or infrastructure in difficult or inaccessible terrain. Starting from the top of the tree working down, the Heli-Feller grapples and cuts a section of the tree with precision and positive control of the pilot. The pilot can then maneuver the section away from power lines and release the section of the tree to a desirable location, mitigating the hazard to the power line or infrastructure.

2022-02-08 11.46.51.jpg
  • Instead of trimming branches frequently, eliminate or significantly decrease tree canopy near power lines. 

  • Decrease or eliminate return treatment intervals.

  • Maximize and benefit from cost savings by removed return treatment intervals over time. 

  • Significantly reduce tree worker exposure to risk.

  • Obtain large vegetation management treatment goals more efficiently.

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