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Designed and Patented by T. Scott Dunn Inc.

First and only successful aerial felling devices to offer true positive control.   


Our Heli-Feller and the Heli-Feller TF is two industry changing tools developed and exclusively operated by Heli-Dunn. Aerially applied by one of our  “ASTAR” AS-350 Helicopters, The Heli-Feller and the Heli-Feller TF can precisely remove trees near power lines or infrastructure in difficult or inaccessible terrain or in any area with high tree mortality. Starting from the top of the tree working down, Both The Heli-Feller and the Heli-Feller TF grapples and cuts a section of the tree with precision and positive control of the pilot. The pilot can then maneuver the section away from power lines and release the section of the tree to a desirable location, mitigating the hazard to the power line or infrastructure.

The Heli-Feller TF, is the newest addition to our our patented equipment. Designed for hardwood and horizontal limbs, the Heli-Feller TF has smaller grapples and can articulate to match the angle of horizontal of hanging limbs to remove the branch all while maintain true positive control of the vegetation being cut.           


"The Grand    Benefit"



  • The Heli-Feller significantly reduces the exposure of risk to climbers engaged in hazard tree removal, especially in decaying, structurally compromised trees that they are asked to climb.

  • The Heli-Feller has an unprecedented safety record and production rate that is matched by no other known process in the industry.

  • The Heli-Feller, in one day, can do the work other methods would take weeks to complete.

  • Its high rate of safety minded production leads to considerable cost savings.

  • The Heli-Feller can cut up to 28 inches in diameter at cut height. 

  • Production rates vary in timber type and location. general production rates are 20 to 300 trees per hour.

  • Our patented Heli-Feller has more proven, accident free and productive operational time than any other helicopter grapple based hazard tree mitigation tool.    


Heli-Dunn describes "the Grand Benefit" as the unprecedented, safety enhancing option that companies can benefit from when engaged in large programs of work with technical hazard tree removal. The Heli-Feller can instantly reduce contractor and  employee exposure to risk by planning for and implementing Heli-Feller  utilization and program of work. We offer the safest and most cost competitive way to mitigate hazard trees in difficult terrain or areas of high tree density.   




  • Instead of trimming branches frequently, eliminate or significantly decrease tree canopy near power lines. 

  • Decrease or eliminate return treatment intervals.

  • Maximize and benefit from cost savings by removed return treatment intervals over time.

  • Less Implementation time for more production with superior safety data and statistics.  

  • Significantly reduce tree worker injury / claim rates. 

  • Significantly reduce tree worker exposure to risk.

  • Provide a more programmatic and consistent program at the treatment level.

  • Obtain large vegetation management treatment goals more efficiently  

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